School Safety



No child under any circumstances should ever be bullied online or offline. With the growth of social media in our everyday lives, it’s becoming a bigger and bigger tool for open abuse that can manifest itself into the real world, at school, work or in everyday life. 

Neil wants our Sheriff’s department to work with our county institutions to help spread the message of ending these bad habits. Teaming up with our local school districts to promote campaigns that will engage students about the real life issues of online and offline bullying, he also wants to work with the local county business to help promote awareness of bullying and its damaging long-term effects on children.   

Neil wants to team up with the First Lady, Melania Trump and her efforts for children to BE BEST program, and let’s teach out youth how to use social media properly, and have a more positive outreach on these platforms, and to use their voices more effectively. 

Neil understands that as a key component of anything in life is to have personal responsibility and that begins at an early age, and as our world changes we need to become more active in helping our future generations embrace and know how to handle these complex issues.