deputy on your doorstep

What is Deputy on Your Doorstep Program

Whether it's five dollars or five thousand dollars every citizen in Augusta County deserves the same level of service.  That is why when I'm elected Sheriff I promise to have a "Deputy On Your Doorstep" in your time of need.   As opposed to the current practice of asking you to file a police report over the phone, with this policy, one of our deputies will be there on your doorstep to understand what happened, collect any evidence, and investigate to determine who is responsible so they can be charged criminally. 

 As we’ve spoken with citizens across Augusta County, one of the main concerns we’ve heard time and time again, is how frustrated citizens are with the lack of response from the Sheriff's Department related to crimes such as larcenies and vandalism. This includes never seeing a responding deputy and in some cases not even getting a returned phone call. 


The issues

School Safety


As Sheriff, Neil Kester will institute a program that will hire retired military and law enforcement agents to be the armed security we need for our schools.  Neil will also institute a Anti-Bullying Campaign.  To learn more about Neil's School Safety Programs  CLICK HERE 

287 Program/Illegal Immigration


As your Sheriff, Neil Kester will stand with President Trump and fight the gang members of MS-13 and actively work with our immigration agents to ensure a safe and welcoming community for everyone.  Neil, as the area leader in law enforcement, will enact the 287G program. This will give our local sheriff’s department the ability to work with Federal Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to create a partnership to

arrest and deport criminal illegal aliens from our county and our community.

Human Trafficking


With two major interstates going through Augusta County, we need to become more vigilant on cracking down on this crime. Neil will work with surrounding agencies to keep our burden of cost down for taxpayers while being sure to enforce the law. Neil understands that we must take this new threat seriously. From 2012-2016 Virginia saw an increase of 168% in child trafficking cases alone. The news for Virginia hasn’t gotten any better, with the state currently ranking 6th  place in illegal trafficking. We must take a stand now and act.

Opioid Enforcement


Drug Enforcement - With Criminal illegal aliens moving hundreds of pounds of drugs throughout Augusta County on a daily basis, it is Neil Kester’s main focus to create a drug task force team that will align itself with the surrounding counties and our neighboring cities to make sure that every agency has a connection with each other to share resources, build intelligence, and enforce the law.



Neil Kester will provide support to surrounding local agencies, mature leadership to the department and to the community and will lead with a steady personality that will foster retention.

Fiscal Responsibility


Neil Kester believes that by working with our neighboring communities, we can share our resources to keep costs low and unburden the taxpayer. Neil has proposed a zero-based budget. What does all this mean? This means that under Kester, the sheriff’s department will run effectively and efficiently without additional dollars from you, the taxpayer. Working as a community, we can overcome the ongoing challenges Augusta County faces while keeping you safe and free.