Neil Kester augusta county Sheriff's race

Neil Kester’s motto is Courage, Character and Community, each one of these phrases states a profound fact about his 27 year career in law enforcement and the individual he has become. 

As your next Sheriff I will:

  1. Lead the Sheriffs office with mature, ethical leadership in improving department morale and retention of officers.
  2. Promote measures that improve school safety such as employing more School Resource Officers and focusing on the prevention of bullying.
  3.  Lead the effort for Augusta County to rejoin the regional task forces tackling drugs and human trafficking and join in with the Trump Administration in stopping MS-13 gangs from invading our communities. 

Neil also understands the courage it takes to work in law enforcement and has operated with countless agencies in and around Augusta County for the safety of its citizens. 

As anyone knows character is a valuable trait when policing, if you lose the trust of those you serve then the law weakens. Neil with his outstanding experience working with people, building relationships adds to that character and reinforces him a distinctive agent of the law.  

As a lifelong native of Augusta County, Neil has built a life for his wife and son right here, for the lawman community isn’t just a word, it’s a way of life. Neil T. Kester wants to protect, defend, and continue to build this community serving you as Augusta County’s Sheriff.