Neil Kester Augusta County Sheriff Race

Change We Can Believe In! 

Kester for Sheriff

News conference 10-21-19

Today Neil spoke on several issues

  1. Leading the Sheriff's Office and Employee Retention
  2. School Safety and Bullying in School
  3. Regional Joint Training with Fire and EMS
  4. Regional Joint Drug Task Force to include Waynesboro
  5. Join in Regional Human Trafficking Task Force 
  6. Illegal Immigration and MS-13 Gangs 
  7. Deputy on Your Doorstep
  8. Accreditation and missing evidence  in murder case
  9. Call for public question and answer session with Sheriff Smith in Town Hall Setting

Republican nominee for sheriff


Neil T. Kester

As Your Next Sheriff I Will:

  1.  Lead the Sheriffs office with mature, ethical leadership in improving department morale and retention of officers.
  2.  Promote measures that improve school safety such as employing more School Resource Officers and focusing on the prevention of bullying.
  3.  Lead the effort for Augusta County to rejoin the regional task forces tackling drugs and human trafficking and join in with the Trump Administration in stopping MS-13 gangs from invading our communities. 


About Neil Kester and Family Values

Neil was raised with strong family values by his parents, Jesse and  Midge Kester. A native of Augusta County, Neil is a life-long member of  Barren Ridge Church of the Brethren. He and his wife Jennifer have been  married since 2009 and have a four-year-old son. .  Learn more on Neil and his family values.


Neil and Your 2nd Amendment Rights

As an active member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Neil Kester will support making Augusta County a Sanctuary County for the 2nd Amendment. He will strongly defend your right to bear arms and protect your loved ones without influence from outside far left-leaning politicians. He is against "Red Flag Laws" that threaten to strip your 2nd Amendment rights before due process has had a change to take place. As your last line of defense, you can count on Republican Neil Kester to fight and never violate basic Constitutional rights.


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